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Best Hikes Near Honolulu & Waikiki

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Waikiki Beach Walk: Not a hike but definitely a nice easy walk in Waikiki’s world famous beach. Perfect complement to some of the more difficult hikes. Oh & if you get lucky you may even see a monk seal! Length: 4.5 miles round-trip | Difficulty: Easy

  1. Diamond Head: A 300,000 year-old crater located south of Waikiki. This crater looks amazing from town but even better standing on top of it. Allow yourself at least 2 hours for the round-trip hike. Trail closes at 4:30 pm. Length: 1.6 miles round-trip | Difficulty: Moderate

  2. Kuliouou Ridge Trail: A nice quiet hike great for people trying to escape the crowded city. If you’re new to hiking it may be challenging, but definitely try to finish because the view is breathtaking. The trail is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Length: 4.0 miles round-trip | Difficulty: Moderate

  3. Koko Head: East from town you will find this hike partially made from old train tracks that make over 1,000 steps with a 990 foot elevation gain. Once you get to the top the views of the South Side of the island are out of this world, plus there’s a bell at the top you can ring. Very steep and a great workout, you most likely won’t be able to do another hike after this one. Length: 1.8 miles round-trip | Difficulty: Hard

  4. Koko Crater Arch: This hike begins from Halona Blowhole, it’s a very short hike but a cool little adventure to get some cool views. Does involve some minor climbing to get to the top of the Arch. Length: 0.8 miles round-trip | Difficulty: Moderate

  5. Makapu’u Lighthouse: The easternmost point on the island of O’ahu which is in the direction of the Molokai Channel. Making it a great spot to see whales during the winter months. Once you go around the first big bend of the trail you will find telescopes that will allow you to get a closer look at the whales. If you continue all the way to the end of the trail you will end up at the lighthouse. Length: 1.5 miles round-trip | Difficulty: Moderate

Created by Jordan Abuhantash / Instagram: @JordansReality


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