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For my 20th birthday my parents purchased a helicopter flight for my brother & I, which flies around the island of Oahu.

Images are captured with my Sony A7Riii, using a 14mm AF Rokinon lens.

Waking up at 7am I told my brother we were going for a hike. He had no idea that we were about to take a helicopter ride around the island. Once we pulled up towards Daniel K. Inouye airport he was confused on what we were doing. It was a total surprise for him, and he was so stoked once we pulled up to Magnum Helicopters pad.

After walking inside we were told to just hangout until they were ready to show us a safety video for obvious reasons. They had a cool gift shop on the inside and a sitting area to chill out in. I was so pumped to fly in a helicopter for the first time and so was Khaled. We than watched the safety video that took no longer than 20 minutes. After putting on our life vest, we were ready to take flight!

We met our pilot Jim who was probably one of the funniest guys I have met. It was easy to tell that he was very experienced and loved his job. We started our flight on the South side of the island than flew along the Windward side, than back to the airport. For a 50 minute flight I felt that I saw way more than I anticipated.

Here are a couple more photos from our flight & a short edit I made.

The helicopter tour is called "Doors-Off Adventure" which you get to fly around the island for 50-minutes. If you're not an adrenaline junkie and prefer doors being on, they have an option on there website where you can choose to have the doors off. I highly suggest you do the option with doors off. It doesn't cost anything extra and it makes the experience a whole lot better.

Overall this was one of my favorite experiences so far on the island. If I were to recommend a helicopter tour to anyone I would highly recommend booking a flight with Magnum Helicopters. Although it was my first & only helicopter tour, they make the process very simple and make you feel comfortable.

I want to thank the pilot Jim, the crew, and everyone who made this experience possible. I plan on doing another tour with these guys soon and if you do send me some pictures of your adventure!

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Instagram: @JordansReality

Snapchat: @JordansRealityy

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Gear Used:

Sony A7Riii:

14mm Rokinon AF Lens:

GoPro Hero 5:

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