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Cruising Along Oahu’s North Shore

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The North Shore of Oahu is a long stretch of coast that is laid-back, with a rustic countryside, and some of the most beautiful beaches. Millions of people all over the world go to the North Shore every year; In the winter to see the worlds famous surf competitions and in the summer to enjoy the calm clear beaches. In this article you will find some of my favorite spots on the North Shore, but don’t only follow my route, create your own along the way and explore the other famous spots the north shore offers.

Start your road trip from Honolulu or Waikiki & hop on H-1 West, then transfer to H-2 North (Exit 8A). From H-2 take Exit 8 to Wahiawa. Continue to Kamehameha Highway (99). Where you’ll reach your first stop at the Dole Plantation which is located at 64-1550 Kamehameha Highway, about a 40-minute drive from Waikiki.

  1. Dole Plantation: Before you get to the plantation check out their website for tours, activities, and more. Once you get there take your time walking around & make sure you try their Dole Whip Ice cream, I promise you won’t regret it.

  2. Haleiwa Town: The historic town of Haleiwa is a beautiful place to get away from the city and experience the beach lifestyle for yourself. Haleiwa is filled with local style food, surf shops, art galleries, and so much more.

  3. Waimea Bay: Waimea Bay is known for it’s epic waves in the winter & crystal clear blue water in the summer. There is a rock on the left side of the bay about 15 feet high, that in the summer months you are able to jump off of right into the Ocean.

  4. Sharks Cove: An amazing place to stop for some local food at the well known North Shore food trucks. But that’s not it, right across the street their is the Pupukea tide pools and an area just outside the rocks where you can snorkel. Only in the summer though as the winter the water is very rough.

  5. Ehukai (Banzai Pipeline): One of the most famous & dangerous surf spots on Oahu. In the winter Banzai pipeline features the world’s top surfing and is something you don’t want to miss. If you are here during the summer months, the water is calm but it still can be dangerous. Not recommended for amateur swimmers.

  6. Sunrise Shack: Been craving a good açaí Bowl ever since you got to the islands? Well then I highly recommend the Sunrise Shack. A famous spot for delicious açaí bowls, bullet coffee, and an authentic taste of the island lifestyle.

  7. Sunset Beach: Your final destination, another highlight of the North Shore which is known as one of the longest stretches of rideable surf in the world. During the winter months the swells can reach up to 30 feet tall & also features some of the world’s best surfing competitions.

Hope you enjoy your trip to on Oahu’s North Shore!

Route was Created by Jordan Abuhantash // Instagram: @JordansReality


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